new work : piano | percussion | choir [2015-22]

piano | percussion | choir [2015-22] is scored for vibraphone and side drum as the percussion instruments and a four part male choir, along with piano.

All of my works begin with a 12-tone series and are organized fairly strictly according to the principles of 12-tone composition.  However, I will often arrange the series around melodic or intervalic segments which purposely contain tonal elements.  In the case of this work, the series is made up of the intervals perfect 5th and 4th, which yield extended triads such the opening F Major 7th chord repeated by the piano.

The first 30 measures contain a expression of the complete series which is then transposed down a minor 3rd for the next section.  There is a middle section of low chords in the piano and choir while the vibraphone carries a melody which is sequenced in minor 3rds, ending with the inversion of this phrase.  The rest of the piece is roughly reversed, but not an exact retrograde.  The side drum plays throughout as a free ostinato.

There is an alternate version of this piece which contains a recorded track of birdsong.

Note: some browsers experience problems playing the audio clips, if this happens to you, try switching to a different browser.

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